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2023 Singles League

Haverhill Summer Singles Pool League 2023


Deadline for Completing the Groups - End of August 2023.

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  1. All matches are a race to 5, so no need to go past the 5th frame win.
  2. Points are awarded – 1 point for a win plus 1 point for each frame won. Means every frame won counts for both players.
  3. You must play every other player in your group once.
  4. All group matches MUST be played before the end of August 2023.
  5. Matches and venues to be arranged mutually.
  6. Lag for break on the FIRST FRAME ONLY, then alternate breaks throughout. No re-lag for a final deciding frame.
  7. Rules to be used – International Rules v2c.
  8. Referee between yourselves.
  9. Table positions are based on points descending, followed by matches won descending, followed by frames won descending, followed by frames lost ascending, followed by head-to-head result.
  10. There are 3 divisions of 10 players in the event.
  11. Text (to 07498 987156) the final score (not just who won) to Steve Peregrine after the match.
  13. Players to pay for all their own table costs unless the venue agrees otherwise.
  14. If you withdraw from the league for any reason, there will be no refund of entry fees.
  15. Anyone withdrawing from the league for unreasonable reasons will not be invited to take part in the event for the following year. This is at the discretion of the management but will be considered unreasonable if the reason is just because they are having a bad run of results or similar. It is unfair on the other people in the event to withdraw just because things might not be going as well as you might have hoped.
  16. If someone makes 3 separate requests to someone else for a match date/time/venue and can evidence these with no response or agreement, then they may claim a 5-0 win from the management against that player. If the claim is agreed by evidence, then it will be awarded.
  17. Please be considerate of people's holidays when requesting matches.
  18. £30 from the prize pot is used for trophy engraving, and then the remainder (£720) will be split first between the groups and then between the overall Winners.
  19. The will be a play-off evening at the end using 2 tables where the Winners from each group will play off for the overall Winner and the Runners Up will play off for the overall Runner Up.
  20. There are winners' trophies and cash prizes for the overall Winner and Runner Up, and cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each group:

Prizes for Each Group
Runner Up

Overall Prizes
Engraved Trophy
Runner Up
Engraved Trophy


Group 1
Adrian Steward 07904 890180
Chris Johnson 07808 734969
Colin Copeland 07527 350215
Jon Acheson 07968 787914
Julian Fussinger 07724 992741
Kem Nafi 07974 322937
Kyle Mooney 07493 191678
Nathan Plumridge 07809 593022
Nigel White 07718 314270‬
Steve Steward 07949 434124

Group 2
Aaron Morley 07779 000307
Andy Pordage 07814 373772‬‬‬
Carlos Cunha 07478 333536
CJ Mewse 07487 498869
Darren Dowd 07949 156198
Dick Lee 07596 407376
Glen Hughes 07469 245528
John Kennedy 07811 193098‬
Lewis Dowd 07903 009847
Paul Crompton 07971 846075

Group 3
André Peregrine 07470 265445‬
Brian Morgan 07976 362266
Chris Dawkins 07794 930468
Chris Mewse 07815 199383‬
Jermaine Onley 07508 867167‬
Nigel Trunks 07886 822576
Scott Williamson 07870 403598
Steve Peregrine 07498 987156
Stuart Smith 07548 597825